(ASTI) Al Shabaka Technical Institutional Academy (ASTI Academy) is a leading Technical Academy amidst 1000 other Institutes in Dubai. Since its inception in 1995, ASTI has continuously aimed at producing quality courses that are proven effective. It aims to continue to be the top technical and vocational institute in the Middle East offering globally bench-marked Technical Education Programs ranging from Level 2 (O Levels) to Level 6 respectively which is recognized by QAD, TVET, KHDA and Dubai Government. 

ASTI’s vision is to empower, inspire and transform lives through quality education. It leads through innovation pursuing excellence and overcoming the shortage of qualified scientists, technicians and engineers through effective teaching methods leveraging the latest technologies. With the core values, it encourages an independent learning environment that empowers students to embody responsibility and accountability. 

ASTI Academy dares to dream while setting international educational standards for their students and colleagues. No idea is too small and it continues to build bridges of knowledge and push boundaries by producing great talent.


Program Offered

  1. Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration
  2. Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration 
  3. Level 5 Diploma in Business Management (Level 4&5)
  4. Level 6 Diploma in Business Management
  5. Level 4 Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management
  6. Level 5 Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management (Level 4&5)
  7. Level 6 Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management 
  8. Level 4 Diploma in Information Technology
  9. Level 5 Diploma in Information Technology (Level 4&5)
  10. Level 3 Diploma in Engineering
  11. Higher international Diploma in Automobile Engineering (Level 4&5)
  12. Higher international Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Level 4&5) 
  13. Higher International Diploma in Civil Engineering (Level 4&5)
  14. Higher international Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Level 4&5)
  15. Tourism & Hospitality Management Programme (2 Years certification)
  16. International Business Management
  17. Automobile Engineering Programme (2 Years certification)
  18. Mechanical Engineering Programme (2 Years certification)
  19. Civil Engineering Programme (2 Years certification) 
  20. Electrical & Electronics Engineering Programme (2 Years certification)
  21. IT Engineering Programme (2 Years certification)