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Before practicing in any healthcare facility in theUnited Arab Emirates, every healthcare professional needs to get a license. There are different authorities that issue license in the UAE i.e. DHA, MOH and DOH.The chances of getting a license is high for healthcare professionals when the paperwork is submitted correctly through the correct channel and under the right category. So, to make sure all the information is submitted correctly, CCI Education Consultancy is working for the processing of the license for any authorities of the UAE. To work in Abu Dhabi, you will have to get a DOH license and to work in Dubai, you will have to get a DHA license. Similarly, to work in the remaining states of the UAE (Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman), you will have to get a MOH license. Once all the documentation and verification process is completed, which will be done by the CCI Education Consultancy for their applicants, the applicant has to pass an exam to get a license. In a year, an applicant can give an exam a maximum of three times only. Once a license is issued, it is valid for 1 year only, so it should be renewed every year.

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Any health profession can start their procedure with CCI Education.


Documentation is a second stage of DHA/HAA/MOH license application. Once you submit your documents such as academic and experience documents then we appl for AOL letter.

documents verification

DOCUMENTS VERIFICATION Documents verification will start after final review letter. Applicant should have to check all the details in review letter form.


Applicant can attend the exam after verification process completed from related authority. Exam can be attend only three times.

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As per the below plan we will start on your verification and exam process. Price can be differ as per their level and designation. 


NRS : 146,000/-APPROX
  • 45-60days verification time
  • 15Hours exam preparation classes
  • Free books PDF
  • 1 Year Support


NRS: 160,979.83/- APPROX
  • 15-20days verification time
  • 30Hour exam preparation classes
  • Free books PDF
  • Lifetime Support

Frequently Asked Question


Dubai Health Authority, Ministry of Health, Health Authority-Abu Dhabi

These are the different authorities under the health Ministry of the different states
of the UAE. To work in Abu Dhabi, you will have to get a DOH license, to work
in Dubai, you will have to get a DHA license and to work in the remaining states
of the UAE, you will have to get a MOH license.

– For initial processing:
– A recent photograph (passport size)
– Copy of your valid passport
– Your educational qualifications
– Your experience certificates
– Practice license or registration
– The Good Standing Certificate (GSC)
– A 2-year surgical logbook (for surgeons)
– A medical fitness test in case the applicant is aged 65 and above.
– After application is approved:
– An offer letter from your recruiting facility
– A malpractice insurance certificate from your recruiting facility

Yes. You should have 2-3 years of experience as per the title of your profession

You will have two options with different fees rates. It will take around 15-20 days
if you follow the fast track and if you follow the normal track, it will take 30-40

No, you can apply for the license from any country.

It is not compulsory but with a license you will have more job opportunities with
more salary.

Being an educational consultancy, we do help those candidates who apply through
us to find jobs but getting selected solely depends on how you present yourself in

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