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In today’s world, people are finally starting to realize the true power of education and believe that education can create a pathway to the solution of all the problems that exist in this world in one way or the other. And so, education was also added to basic need of human life just like food and shelter–but now, in this age, education only does not seem to be enough, as people have started prioritizing quality education taking creativity along with-it side by side.

Every parent dream of providing quality education to their child. Unfortunately, in some developing countries, education system still has not developed enough to provide the best education in every university, and the one that are moving with time with best of the best facilities, are not cup of tea to those families who struggle to pay even everyday bills. So, even after knowing the true value of education, many people fail in sharing the value. However, people still choose to fight against this with empty pockets by taking huge amounts of loan and sending their kids to developed countries which ends up bringing them almost to the road.

Seeing such struggles of so many parents and understanding the pain which the students must suffer, CCI Education Consultancy started a program; “Study in Dubai” back in 2017. With lots of successful stories and collecting more experience by the year, CCI has been helping students to get quality education in an affordable price without falling into the pit of debt. Dubai has been growing rapidly in every field and has been attracting many people every year. Being one of the safest countries in the world, there cannot be any better option than this for those students who have their own struggle stories.

Even though this pandemic has shut down the whole world in many ways, CCI is still working for providing better opportunities for students and trying to reach out to more students so that they will still be able to explore this side of educational world as well. With several universities’ branches from all around the world, universities in Dubai follow curriculum of UK, Australia and many more countries that has been proven best for students. Considering all this, this time, CCI, in collaboration with Manipal University, is conducting a webinar for all those students. Since, the webinar is happening online through zoom, students from every corner of this world can attend the program and look at the education system from with an up-close view.

In the webinar, the administrative team will try their best to answer all the queries and concerns of the participants, related to studying in the Manipal University. There will be discussions regarding the complete processing details so that everyone has a clear idea of what the best choice would be, moving forward. Since Manipal University provides a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, this webinar is surely going to be useful for all the students stuck in a dilemma regarding career plan and studying aboard.

If you are also one of the students looking for this kind of program, mark your calendar on June 13 at 1 PM NPT. This is something that should reach to every student looking for similar opportunities, so don’t forget to share this with your friends and families who you think this might be useful for.